Here at S.C.D. Consulting Solutions, we offer document preparations and notarizations of any kind. By understanding that each client is unique our documents are custom-tailored for your every need. S.C.D. provides private consultations to ensure the client receives quality services. Attention to detail, efficiency, and integrity are the main ingredients of our company.

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Power of Attorney

Power Of Attorney

The Healthcare Proxy

Protect your loved ones from possible power of attorney abuse. Another family member, a close friend or even a nursing home can file a guardianship over your loved one. Even an outdated power of attorney can cause serious problems. We can provide the proper documentation so that this never happens to you.

Last Will and Testament

Last Will And Testament

Express your wishes as to how your property is to be distributed such as cars, homes, and personal items to name a few. Name one or more persons to manage your estate until its final distribution. Time and time again families fight over the possessions of a loved one, don't destroy your family's legacy, get the services you need.

Contractor Agreement/Contracts

Deed Of Trust

Escrow Documents

Loan Documents

Contractor Agreement


A contractor's agreement is only as good as the details in them. We will make sure that your not taken advantage of and prevent conflicts with your clients. Providing you with the right legal binding contract protection for your company and the independent contractor.

These essential documents are extremely important and should be looked over carefully. We can create these documents for you to ensure your best interest. 

Pet Protection Agreement

As a pet owner, you may find this document very useful and needed. This agreement lets you decide who will take care of your pets and how they will be cared for. This also allows you to name a pet guardian, which is the person who is responsible for taking care of your pet in case something happens to you.

Event planners, also known as event coordinators or event specialist has a very detailed business. Each job taken on is different, which means each contract should be customized accordingly. No detail should be left out, for this could be devastating to your business. Personal injury, damage to equipment, and damage to the venue are just some of the things the event planner will be held responsible for no matter the fault. Those online printable contracts will not provide you with the protection you need.

 Richmond, VA premier non-lawyer legal document service providing fully executed legal documents for a business(s), professionals, and the general public...at a much lower cost!

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Disclaimer: We are not attorneys and do not give legal advice.

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