The delivery of documents prepared by our company which includes notarizations. This service caters to everyone whether your disabled or simply just have very hectic schedules. We also ship documents threw our mail services all over the world. This offer is only for clients that have purchased documents from us.





A time scheduled for Exclusive clients to express your every want and need to create the perfect document for you.

This makes the document preparation process as smooth and accurate as possible. 

Notary Public Services

 Many of our notary services are included in the document preparation packages for free. Also, any document created by us the notarization is included. Our office notary is subject to the standard fees. Mortgage closings are included.

The person signing must be present "NO EXCEPTIONS, PLEASE HAVE VALID PHOTO ID"

Military I.D., Drivers License, US Passport, etc...

This package includes free notarizations, free delivery, and a complimentary gift from our gift shop. This is a great package for those who are in need of multiple documents. Must purchase no less than five documents of your choosing in order to qualify for the seals and signature package. 

Get your passport photo in minutes! This service is privately done in our office or we can come to you in the convenience of your own home.

Disclaimer: We are not Attorneys and do not give legal advice.

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